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The sign in Janice & Paul Matthew's of the Tennessee Valley Chapter window says it all!

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Paul & Janice Matthews and David & Mary Wagner carry their ragtop Falcons to Dover, DE on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 to meet up with Chuck & Carolyn Beason, Dennis & Diane Payette, Tom Wanzie, And Other FCA Folks. 

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Beautiful weather and views as we cross the Chesapeake Bay from Maryland over to the Delaware side.

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 Chuck & Caroln Beason, Tom & Lauren Wanzie, Dennis & Diane Payette, and David & Mary Wagner Represented The Sunshine State.

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On Thursday, 100+ Falcons cruised to the "Monster Mile" racetrack at Dover Downs.


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On Friday, 100+ Falcons cruised the backroads to the Air Force Museum. As each Falcon arrived, they had a photo made in front of a cargo plane.

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A lot of Air Force history in the museum... 

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The Falcons were parked under the wings of the Planes of Dover!

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A photo op we couldn't pass up. Chuck and Dave's '65 Sprints were build on the same day in the same plant. The only Falcon Sprints to come off the line that day!

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Dennis Payette Won 1st Place With His '64 Convertible.  Chuck Was Presented With A Lifetime Award for His Years of Service To The Falcon Club of America.


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