Return           2010 Daytona Speedway Turkey Run


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Special Thanks to Chuck Beason for Once Again

Arranging Great Parking for the Daytona Turkey Run Show


Jack Emrick and His '66 Sports Coupe Both Lookin' Good


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David & Joyce Hodge Brought Their '64 Convertible and Friends from Tennessee


Mike Horne (on left) Showing Off His '65 Hardtop


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Ron Savolainen's Beautiful '63 Sprint


Ocala Winter Residents, Buddy & Molly McKee, Drove Their Gorgeous '63 Convertible


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Winter Haven Winter Residents, Dave & Mary Wagner, Drove Their '65 Sprint Down From Tennessee


Longest Distance Goes to Rheal Meilleur Who Drove His '64 Convertible From Ontario, Canada


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"Hard Luck" Award Goes to Tom & Lauren Wanzie When Their '64 Hardtop Died Just Inside the Gate on Their First Day.

Luckily, Tom Found the Necessary O-Ring he needed, but the Pesky Carburetor Gave Him Trouble Both Days


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Russell Brought His Blue Wagon Since there was a Threat of Rain.

A Beautiful '64 Fairlane Drew Lots of Attention


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Mike Horne Found Someone to Paint His Car's Name on the Hood.

FCA Folks Doin' What They Do Best.....Relaxing & Yakking.