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In 1995, good friend and fellow Suncoast Member Archie Ershery(deceased)called to let me know  that he had a 65 Sprint CV at his home in Tampa that was for sale. Archie had agreed to help someone try to sell his Falcon because of Archieís ties to the Falcon Club and his love of the hobby. Carolyn and I took a ride to Tampa for a visit with Archie and to check out the Sprint CV. It really wasnít a very pretty sight but it was a rare, 1 of 300 1965 Sprint CVs produced. This Sprint lived most of its life in Connecticut and Iím guessing it wasnít stored during the harsh winter months based on the amount of corrosion visible. We did contact the owner and agreed on a purchase price and made the purchase.





                    The Sprint CV showing the condition when we took posession


The Sprint CV was trailered back to Titusville where it was stored until late 2014. At this time it was moved to its new home, the new addition to my detached garage/shop where disassembly was started. The Sprint CV has been totally stripped to bare metal using the dustless wet process which revealed much more rot and corrosion than had been seen. Now the long process begins, cutting out the bad metal for replacement. Areas in need of repair and/or replacement were radiator support, left front inner fender, front torque boxes left and right, inner rockers left and right, floor pans left/right front and rear, pans under rear seat, rear seat support, CV seat support structural panel top and bottom. The entire lower portion of the rear quarter panels from door to tail light required replacement plus numerous minor repairs.





Blasters discussing their strategy for completing the job


The Sprint was taken to a shop for some of the repairs to be made, inner rockers, torque boxes, floors and rear quarters. After getting the Sprint back home and performing thorough inspection of the repairs that were made discovered there were several areas were missed and the quality of the repairs werenít as good as expected. Currently areas that were missed are being repaired and other areas are being reworked. The next milestone will be primer and paint on the bottom side and removal of the Sprint from the rotisserie. Photos attached.







After blasting was completed all surfaces were primed